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(Chartered architect mission - for all types of building, B2B and B2C)


Feasibility and Design :


Preliminary design and sketches


​Conception :

Preliminary draft summary

Final design and 3D modelling

Technical coordination (RT 2012, HAND, ABF, etc…)

Filing all administrative requests

Final project

Tendering documents and specifications

Execution :

Works development and planning

Implementation's visas

Works execution management


Execution specifications and records

Additional missions

(Specific to each project)

(New!) Virtual visit of the project through VR mask

(New!) Energy audit of an existing building

Site survey and CAD drafting (REL)

Demolishment permit (DPD)

Quantifying works (DQO)

Execution studies (EXE)

Synthesis studies (SYN)

Scheduling, piloting and coordination (OPC)

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