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Jad BOU KHALIL- Associate/Project Director


He is a BA/BS in architecture graduate from the Lebanese American University (LAU) and the New York State University since June 2000 and an Executive MBA from Supp2Co Rennes since 2014.


His assets: design, communication, counseling, records management, organization, creativity and international networking.


2018, training: « Building 2050 » : (EFFINERGIE Label)

« Transit from Thermic Regulation RT2012 to RE2020, Requirements, design and construction of a E+C- Building)


2016, FEEBAT Training Module MOE6 : " Developing collaborative skills in low energy renovation of existing buildings : Systemic approach , integrating actors , mediation , exchange of practices, collaborative management , accountability and management of interaction. "


2015, FEEBAT Training Module MOE5a + 5b: " The impact of Low energy refurbishment on existing buildings: Performance Research and comfort of use: frame analysis, program development and envelope design, search of performance and usage comfort – Technological Equipment and renovation strategy. "


2013, training : Executive MBA at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rennes


2011, associating with Fabienne GINGAT co-managing of Atelier d'Architecture GBK


2011, Architect / Portfolio manager

employee of the Espace Engineering Group -Rennes (35)

Feasibility studies / encryptions, Building Permits, contracts (Budgets € 500K to € 7M)


2007-2010, architect / project coordinator *

employee of Marionnaud Perfumeries (an AS WATSON Group brand- HK)

30 openings, 50 relocations, renovations perfumeries 500 (Budgets: 1 to € 20 million)


2009, training: " Manage and conduct a sustainable construction operation "


2008, training: "Owner’s Consultant "


2003-2007, architect / project manager

employee of Media- Saturn France (a METRO AG Group brand- DE)

11 store openings, 3 store renovations and 20 real estate negotiations (Budget: from 2 to 5 M €)


2004, training: "Buyers’ negotiations ", " Construction site management "


2002, works owner’s representative of the hotel Gavarni (Paris)


Fabienne GINGAT- Founder senior Architect



She is a charted architect, a multiskilled graduate of the School of Architecture of Brittany since June 2000 and membre of the order of architectes since July 20th 2007 under the No. O 73208.


Her assets: human design approach, listening, local heritage experience, customized work, creativity, technicity, and commitment to social architecture.

2018, training: « Building 2050 » : (EFFINERGIE Label)

« Transit from Thermic Regulation RT2012 to RE2020, Requirements, design and construction of a E+C- Building)

2016,  training: “Positive evolution: choose the passiv haus strategy”;

“Functioning of a passive building, key points and associated techniques, design and execution of a passive house strategy"

2012, training : "Prevention of asbestos risk "; " Preventing the onset of disorders and diseases of the exitant frame after an energy saving project "


2011, associated with Jad Bou Khalil, co-manager of Atelier d'Architecture GBK


2009, training : "Thermal Regulations 2012 "


2008, training : " Quality control "; " Disabled accessibility ", " Site supervision "


2007, creation of the Atelier d'Architecture Gingat BK


2004 - 2007 , architect / project manager

employee of the Agency Antoine Felletin Architect in Fontainebleau (77).

Realization of an office building at Fontainebleau, making a 7 story building for social housing in Fontainebleau , refurbishment of various properties of low rental housing in occupied conditions throughout the Paris region.


2001 - 2004 , junior architect

employee of the Agency Caillaud Bray and Lu (95)

Projects canteen , covered outdoor markets, competition for primary school Montereault (77), competition for police to Auvers sur Oise (95), completion of the fire station of Bray-et-Lu

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